Friday, September 18, 2009

Terrible Blogger!!!

So I think it's official that I have been a terrible blogger the past month! We have just been so busy and always seem to be this time of year! My 2nd favorite time of year seems to finally be here....FALL (my 1st favorite is Christmas;)).

The new job is going wonderful and I am really enjoying it! There is a huge learning curve but it's nothing I can't handle. I am still taking my state test to become certified to teach and I actually have my final test tomorrow morning! We get off work every Friday at 3:00 pm and today I can't wait to go home, plug in my Scentsy pumpkin roll, and curl up to study for tomorrow morning!!

I think later this evening we are going to go to my high school's homecoming football game!!!! How exciting! I haven't been back since my freshman year of college when I went to give up my homecoming crown...ha such fun memories! I did have to twist Steven's arm to agree to go but I finally got him talked into it!

Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful time!