Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birthday Party Planning

How is it possible that my sweet baby girl is about to be 2?!?!?!? We are in the middle of planning a super special party for this sweet girl! I have to give props to a vendor that i've been working with that has been FANTASTIC.

I have been working with The Trendy Butterfly on creating the perfect invitations and other paper goods for sweet Ellie's party! I came across their site on etsy and after reading the fantastic reviews I thought I'd give it a shot. I emailed the invite I was interested in, my ideas to change it up, etc and in LESS THAN 24 HOURS I had a proof in my inbox!!!! Everything that I have picked out has been that quick!

The Trendy Butterfly offers MUCH more than children's party invitations! Custom T-Shirts, Frames, Piggy Banks, Pillow Cases, Storage Stepstools AND fun things for us older girls too....Custom Cutting Boards, iPhone Cases, etc.

Once again I can say enough wonderful things about this vendor!!! I'm off to work with them on designing myself a new iPhone case :).

I've been working with a few others that I will post reviews of once my products are complete!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bad Blogger

I've been a terrible blogger lately and doubt I have any followers left!!! I have no excuses we've just been busy with life! A friend and I recently joined weight watchers so if anyone has any encouragement or recipes to share please do!!

Heres a sweet sneak peek from this weekends valentine session :). What a difference a year makes. My header pic is from valentines last year! I can't believe this girl is almost two!

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