Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Still a sweet little girl.....

Yesterday we got to have another ultrasound! She has just made her little self at home and was reclined with her head just under my right ribs, her little bottom bouncing on my bladder, and her feet just under my left ribs. So she is technically still in a breech position. The doctor realizes that there is plenty of time for her to flip head down but lucky for us since she was in this position we will get to see her again via ultrasound in 4 weeks!!!

All of her measurements were great and her current estimated weight is just under 3lbs which is just a little above average for this point!

So now we anxiously await 4 more weeks to get a peek at that sweet face! If her position has changed the doctor is hoping she won't be so 'smooshed' and we can get a better shot of her face!

Such a sweet little profile!!

She constantly had her hands in front of her face! I think she was trying to hide from us!

Precious baby foot!


Face and hands

She is definitely still a little girl!!!

Now if Steven can just get off crutches and get her room painted we will be set!


  1. How sweet she is! I am so happy to see more pictures of her and I know that you and Steven enjoyed every minute of it. It is wonderful that you get to see her again in four weeks. I am so jealous. My doctor has never done that. Good Luck with the breech position, I hope she turns for you. I loved all of the pictures!!!

  2. So sweet! So happy all is going well!

  3. Such a small world! If it makes you feel any better, Elliot was breech at 35 weeks and flipped. It can be done!