Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baker Troxler


The above link was posted by a few bloggers that I follow then it was sent to me by a friend. God works in mysterious ways.

PLEASE PLEASE pray for this sweet family. They made a decision last weekend that no parent should ever be faced with making.

Baker was born at 35 weeks....the exact same as Ellie. Baker was born due to his mom having dangerously low amniotic fluid which caused decreased fetal movement.....the exact same as Ellie.
However, sweet Baker is not going to make.

I'm not going to get into the personal details you can follow their link if you choose to read more. Please love on your families and NEVER take one moment for granted!

Yes a 35 weeker is a 'late-term' preemie but regardless of that they are STILL a preemie and are brought into this world too soon. Yes there are some situations like Baker's and Ellie's that no matter what the outside world is better than the inside world regardless of consequences!

Please pray for the entire Troxler family!

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