Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Fireplace!

We've been in a 'remodeling' frenzy around here. Who builds a custom home in 2009 and remodels in 2012....apparently we do. We've replaced the fireplace, the floors in the office and living room, had landscaping installed, built a storage building int he backyard, etc. all in the last 6 months!

Our original fireplace was a custom wood mantel with tile surrounding the fireplace and on the floor. Now the mantel, legs and hearth are cast stone and the surround is brick. We absolutely love it and it makes such a huge difference in the room.  I will say it was a MESS to live through but didn't take long but I think I am still getting dust out of the house!

The coloring in these pictures is terrible as they were all at night and from my iPhone. You can see the ugly carpet in these photos that was soon replaced! (yes the ugly carpet that we picked out).

Up next I'll share our new floors!! I'm not really sure why all my pics are out of order and blogger won't let me move them!
Ready for the mantel
Up close of the cast
After!  We hung the tv and our living room has SO MUCH more room
Ready for the tv


  1. You guys are amazing!! I love the mantel... It looks so modern and sharp. Good job!

    1. Aww thanks Holly! It needs some decor on the ends but I'll get around to it some day :) I was shocked how much smaller the tv looks up there. I guess I was so used to it taking up a massive amount of space in our living room that it would be the same on the wall.

  2. It's beautiful! We have your before mantel and would love your after mantel!