Saturday, November 16, 2013

Halloween 2013

For Halloween this year Ellie wanted to be a cat….not just any cat but a WHITE cat.  She saw the kitty costume in Pottery Barn Kids and didn't stop talking about it for over a month.  I tried to get her to like other cat costumes (cheetah, black and white, etc) mainly because they were all significantly cheaper than the white kitty!  I also thought it would be easy to find a different WHITE costume but apparently not.  I waited until I had a coupon and just about missed out…all they had left was a size smaller than I would have typically ordered her! It was a LITTLE short but we made do with some thicker leggings.  I have to say it was pretty cute!

She had a carnival and party at school on Wednesday.  On Halloween we went to our local high school…if you donate a bag of candy you can trick or treat the hallways and then they have a carnival at the end for the kids!  She LOVED the bounce houses, bowling and the fishing game!  We had a great time and it starts early so we were still able to come home and pass out candy.

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