Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sweet Chloe

Our dear friends have been in China for the past week anxiously waiting to meet their sweet daughter!!! They've been sending us updates while they've been gone and we knew to expect pictures and video of their Chloe meeting by Monday morning! Well much to my surprise I logged in this evening to see if they had any touristy updates before the big day tomorrow and they had already shared the video of their first meeting!!

I am sure it does not help that I am already an emotional mess and that I hold a very special place in my heart for adoption but I was REALLY a mess after watching their video! I watched it multiple times. I had not shared with Steven that it was posted and he came in the bedroom to find me crying.....I am pretty sure he thinks I've lost my mind!

Hopefully I will have pictures soon to share with everyone. She is absolutely adorable, perfectly healthy, and adjusting very well. I can't wait for them to arrive home so I can meet their new bundle of joy!! They will arrive back to Oklahoma the same day we find out the sex of the baby so we will all have lots of celebrating to do!! They have been waiting 4 long years for this day and I could not be more thrilled. I know they will be wonderful parents.

Chloe actually shares the same birthday as Steven so Christmas Eve this year will be extra special...not only will it be Chloe's first Christmas experience but also her first birthday. I hate to say it but I think Steven's birthday might be overshadowed this year!

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