Friday, October 30, 2009


I am so glad it's finally time for the weekend!!! I am even more thankful that I get off at 3:00 on Friday.....all though I've heard this is the last week for that until next summer!! :( We will see what happens! However, I did learn that I am off on Friday the 13th for Veteran's Day! How exciting! It's funny the things that can excite you when you become a grown up!

I don't feel like we've done much this week but I feel that we have been very busy....don't you just hate that?!?!? I have had a busy week at work and I know Steven and I had stuff going on every evening but I still don't feel like I accomplished much!

Wednesday afternoon I took my OB's advice and headed to my family physician to have a flu test done....YUCK! I was pretty sure I didn't have the flu and she was as well but I've been fighting a cold for about two weeks so she just wanted to make sure. Turns out the flu test was negative!!! He did say if my symptoms don't get better he wants to run another one in a week. I am not happy about it but I will be taking their advice and staying home to rest all weekend! Which means no OU football game....I am NOT happy!! But, I do know I need to listen to them so that is what I will be doing!!

November 3rd is the start of OU Basketball season and I can't wait!! As much as I LOVE college football I also LOVE college basketball!!!! My sweet friend Casey and I even had season tickets and college.....I think we might have been the only students that attended on a regular basis! When Steven and I first started dating we bought season tickets every year. Last year Steven was so busy with work that we decide to not renew our season tickets....I was heartbroken! We still made it to a lot of games but it just wasn't the same! This year my sweet husband surprised me with an early Christmas present...SEASON TICKETS!! I can't wait!

Last night I went to meet the FABULOUS Pioneer Woman!!! Let me tell you she is just as wonderful in person as she is on her blog! So much fun!

We also bought nursery furniture this week! YES I know it is early but we came across a deal we couldn't resist!!!! We knew if we waited we would regret it later! So exciting....once November 10 gets here then we can really start planning the nursery but I am such a planner it is nice to have one thing crossed off the list!

If anyone makes it through this entire rambling post I'll be impressed! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys the time change!!!


  1. Missed you this weekend :( Had a good time with your hubby though! We need to set up an away game watch party. We only have a few more chances. Mike and I agreed that we will make plans to attend more than 1 basketball game this year. Yay for less than 8 days away from the big news!!

  2. You've been busy missy! It's always nice to get a head start! I love that you went to see P Dub! I would've love to be there!
    Congrats on the season tickets I'm so proud of you for being such a loyal fan! BOOMER!!

  3. Post a pic of the lovely furniture!!! How exciting!!!