Monday, December 21, 2009


A few weeks ago I posted about baby bedding! I kept going back to something I originally liked before I even knew what we were having. You can find that bedding here! It's completely not something I would think to typically pick out but I LOVED something about it! Every time I looked at something else I went back to that bedding. That was until this weekend!!! The chair that we want to get for the nursery is on sale until the end of the month. So yesterday we went to check out the chair and see exactly which style we wanted and want color/fabric we were going to get! We knew we were going to go with something a little more neutral in the chair color because I didn't want a room that threw up pink!! Well as we are walking around something catches my eye.....bedding. I am in LOVE with it!!!! However, i've done this before and go back to the pottery barn bedding. Something is different about this bedding. I don't know what it is that's different but something and it makes me LOVE it! Of course my mom and Steven have told me to get whatever I want they like both (some help!!!). Here is yesterday's bedding!!!!

Now I realize that I have some time before having to order bedding but the problem is I would order different chairs for these sets so while I have time I really don't!!!! I have to make a decision by next week. What if I order my chair and then change my mind!

Someone please help my pregnant brain!!!!!!

Now we would get the chair below regardless of the bedding set but we would get two different colors. If we had the first bedding set we would get a VERY VERY light Khaki colored chair and with the second set we would get a VERY deep chocolate brown chair.

Now if it makes any difference our furniture is wood color...not quite as dark as the furniture in the 2nd set but definitely not light either. We would obviously paint the room different for each set as well!



  1. I love them both...but the 2nd one I'm in LOVE different! Either one will be awesome but I cast my vote for the brown

  2. Thank you ....we both have big things in store for 2010!!
    ps..I like the brown!!!

  3. I love the second one! I think it would be a fun stimulating nursery for a baby. The first one is so sweet and would make a beautiful baby girl nursery. Good Luck Jamie. How fun!

  4. I do believe I like the 2nd (brown) the best. I'm such a neutral person anyway. I think you could maybe continue that look as she grows as well. I really like that rocker too! :)