Friday, June 4, 2010

Changes & Blessings

What a terrible blogger I am!!!

If you've followed my blog for any length of time you know that awhile back I made a career change and I was so blessed to me following a new path and going to work for a non-profit that was doing things and had goals that made me SO excited! I am not going to talk bad about any on, anything, or any organization. I will leave it with some things happened during my time on maternity leave that were very hurtful and made me question lots of things. So much so that I was dreading going back to a place that I had previously loved but sick at the thought of not working with some of my clients should I not return. Well God took care of all of those feelings and 3 days before I was going to return I was laid off.

As much as I love being Ellie's mommy being a full time stay at home mommy just wasn't for me. I knew that God would take care of our family. With the help of a few friends I have found a new PART TIME position with an amazing non profit organization. I will be working Monday through Friday from 9am to 2pm as the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Operations. I will be starting this coming up Monday and couldn't be more thrilled. He knows that I am a new mommy and made it very clear to me to that family ALWAYS comes first. There is a possibility that later down the road this could turn into a full time position. He said if that happens he never wants to see anyone there after 5 pm. He said I'm not going to lie and say sometimes I don't work from home but at 5 o'clock it is time to leave and be with family for awhile!

This opportunity came at a perfect time and answered all of our prayers. Now that's not to say it won't be a financial change for our family because it definitely will but like always God always provides and we know it's nothing that we can't handle and will be oh so worth it!

Now I have no doubt that it will be hard to leave that sweet smiling face every morning but knowing that I will return in a short 5 hours makes it so much easier!!!

We have a busy weekend plan and are anxious for Monday to get here but our going to enjoy my last weekend of maternity leave!

I'll leave you with this off centered picture from my mom's office of the happiest girl in the world! I could just eat those chubby cheeks....she's come so far!!!


  1. Good luck in your new career sounds like God has got it all worked out for your family! And man Ellie is getting sooo big! Hopefully we can meet up this summer.

  2. More blessings! I'm so glad it's all working out so smoothly for you. God is Good!!

  3. I completely understand about being a stay at home mommy not being for you. I'm with you... I'm so glad that you are trusting the Lord to take care of you all. Cause he will... You are an amazing family and I love reading about all your many blessings!!