Sunday, May 16, 2010

2 months and other ramblings......

Today our sweet little girl is two months old! It is also coincidentally our 1 year anniversary. We've spent the day at home hanging out as a family...we enjoyed sonic for breakfast, a walk in our new BOB Stroller (LOVE it), and are currently watching the storms. Later tonight we have a yummy dinner planned and then we will test out our year old wedding cake! Our original intentions were to have the top layer recreated. Our cake lady does this for an EXTREMELY reasonable price but needless to say we've been rather busy this year....maybe next year. Next weekend Steven's cousin is getting married. Since our pediatrician still recommends keeping Ellie out of large crowds she will not be attending with us :(. However, we will take that opportunity to enjoy a nice dinner out.
Tomorrow we will get the official stats on Miss Ellie but we know she's about 9lbs maybe just over and pushing 24 inches long if not already there. As you can imagine this creates quite the challenge finding clothes to fit our long skinny little girl!! We head to her 2 month well check. We've done some research and will be sticking with the recommended immunizations. We read various reports and couldn't really gather enough decision to have strong feelings either way so we will stick with what our pediatrician recommends.

What a difference a month makes....

Ellie your mommy and daddy love you so much and thank God for you every single day. We know you had a rough start in this little world but we are so thankful for how far you've come. At 2 months old you are holding your head up quite well, LOVE to smile but you are also very selective of who you share these smiles with, enjoying laying in the floor, eating anywhere between 3 and just over 4 ounces at every feeding, sometimes you like to snack during the day too, you still are eating only breast milk through a bottle, LOVE bath time, hate when it's time for your stinky vitamins, a great sleeper, EXTREMELY content and loved to be held but definitely let us know when you've had enough!

We couldn't be more than happy with Ellie's progress up to this point. The doctor continually reminds us that it's ok that she might be 4 to 5 weeks behind on all of her development milestones and that preemies typically catch up by the time they are 2. So far she's been pretty close to right on track with a full term baby! The doctor still has waking up/making sure Ellie eats every 3 hours. Sometimes I think she would be more than content to eat a larger amount at midnight and then not eat again until about 5 am. Where as now she currently eats between 11 and 12 then we wake her up to eat at 3 and then she wakes herself up between 5 and 6. Don't get me wrong there are some nights where she wakes up on her own to eat at 2 or 3!

We exchanged mother's day and anniversary gifts already. We typically try to stay away from doing this but we both got each other combined gifts this year. Since we were engaged I've had my eye on a necklace at the jewelers that designed my engagement ring and Steven and Ellie surprised me with it this year for Mother's Day and our anniversary. Steven has wanted a new blu-ray and surround sound for awhile so Ellie and I surprised him with that for our anniversary and an early father's day gift.

WOW that was a lot for one post...I guess that's what happens when you fall behind on your blogging!


  1. So glad that you all are doing so well...bummed that we haven't been able to hang out again. When Ellie can be around peeps let me know I want to see this famous girl you rave about!

  2. The three of you are amazing! Joel and I can't wait to introduce Makenna and Ellie and have play dates. Congratulations on a first, full year of marriage. You all have so many more wonderful years to look forward to! xoxo

  3. Too cute! Just found your blog and am your newest follower, follow us at:

  4. She's doing so well! What a sweet little thing too! I know your Mother's Day was truly blessed!