Thursday, July 22, 2010

4 months already....

I absolutely can't believe that our sweet little girl is 4 months old! Time flies when you are having fun! She has changed so much in the past few weeks it's unbelievable. Some of her favorite activities are 'talking', rolling over, chewing on her hands, drooling, and mirroring your facial expressions! She's developed quite the little personality. She's a great sleeper and still LOVES bath time and being in the water!

We had her 4 month check up and all was well. She weighs 13lbs 2oz and is 25 1/2 inches long! She is in the 90th percentile for length and head circumference and 40th percentile for weight all for her actual age not her adjusted age! He was impressed with everything developmentally. He did ask if we'd been feeding her lead in her bottles....she was 9lbs even at 2 months. I actually can't believe in her short four months of life she has gained over 8lbs and grown over 7inches! Growing girl! I am still pumping exclusively and she is getting breast milk only. And on the controversial subject of cereal in bottles she DOES get cereal in her bottles of course by the recommendation of our pediatrician. She's battled a little reflux but none of us felt it was quite bad enough to treat with meds so he suggested thickening her breast's worked great!

On another note I can only imagine what her monthly pictures are going to look like when she becomes even more mobile. As you can see the 4 month pictures were a fail! She was more interested in playing with her hands, eating her hands, grabbing her feet and scooting down in the chair far enough so she could roll over! Oh well we still think she's precious!

We love you so much ellie belly!

I can't believe 4 short months ago they brought this precious angel in for me to see on her way to the NICU. What a long 3 weeks but of course we wouldn't trade it for the world!!
mmmm these hands sure are good!

playing with these hands is so much more fun then looking at my mom

Oh well there is always next month!

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