Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dancin' Shoes

Ellie has more shoes than I do.....ok MAYBE that's a stretch! But for someone who rarely wears shoes she has quite a few. However, none of them are quite as cute as these little gold numbers! My best friend Casey and her mom Shannon....otherwise none as Aunt Casey and Grammy Shannon got Ellie these adorable shoes before she arrived! They also got an adorable shimmery top to match. The minute I saw them I just knew she needed the perfect jeans to match. The Gap didn't fail and we found these adorable dark washed straight legged jeans a few weeks ago. Yes I know it's hot outside and she will probably never wear them again but they were a must have for this photo shoot!

Ellie kicked and played in these shoes for hours!! I think she likes them :)

Dancing Queen

She was over it!!!
Thanks Aunt Casey & Grammy Shannon we LOVE them!!!


  1. Oh Jamie! She is a honey!!! I also love the Sweet Berry pictures. I want to squeeze that little sweetie. Hope things are going well for you girls. We need to get together.

  2. This is exactly why I don't need a girl! Boys clothing pieces don't seem to be as much fun so it easier to not buy as much! They are super cute and so is she!