Friday, January 21, 2011

Can someone please tell me how the sweet thing below is 10 months old?!?!

I know I have lots to catch up on the blog. Ellie got very sick the Sunday before Christmas and it seems things have been a whirlwind ever since! Our poor girl had croup and the start of pneumonia...she VERY NARROWLY avoided spending her first Christmas in the hospital. After a strict regimen of two antibiotics, steroids, and breathing treatments every four hours she was on the mend and we got to enjoy Christmas as a family! I plan to sort through the millions of Christmas pictures this weekend and hopefully post some...of course only between all my 1st birthday party planning!

brand new!

first time to hold my sweet girl! I don't know that these have ever been posted. one of our fabulous nurses knew i was dying to get my hands on her. due to how sick ellie was i hadn't held her at all until she was over a week old. dad held her very little from the or to the regular nursery before she had to be admitted to the nicu. this was the night before she was extubated and was technically breaking the rules but we had a wonderful night nurse that called just after midnight that said she is awake get down here. i walked into the nicu and little did I know they had been preparing for our first holding session and i got to hold my sweet girl until 4 am when a new baby was arriving to the nicu and therefore i was kicked out! the next day she was extubated and everyone got to take their turn!!

FINALLY rooming in together 3 long weeks after ellie arrived in preparation for going home!

1st photo session with miss trish!

with love,

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