Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Prayers Please

I would like to ask everyone to please keep the McCoy family in your prayers!!!!!

You can read more about their story at

As a background to save you from reading through 22 pages of journals. On December 5th Brian and Denae welcomed their twin girls into this world at 25 weeks 5 days. Ada Yvonne came weighing 1pound 8oz and let out a little yelp to let everyone know she is a fighter. Siena Grace came in at 13oz and let everyone know she's a fighter as well. Throughout the past few weeks Ada has been a ROCK for the McCoy's and has made progress by leaps and bounds!!! Siena on the other hand has had quite the struggle. However, once Siena finally got comfortable and to a stable level sweet Ada took a turn. Ada is back on the CPAP and some cultures are growing a staph infection that they don't know at this time is treatable with antibiotics!!!! We should know more this evening.

One of my sorority sister's works with Brian's sister and share their story with me. After reading we learned that Brian and Steven both work for the same company. Steven and I have been in communication with Brian and while he is being strong for his family they could use all the prayers we can give!

I didn't mean to type a book but we all know prematurity is close to my heart. Getting to know this family you will see what an amazing journey they've been on already but still need lifting up!

Thank you all!

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