Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bedtime Conversations

Ellie had been laying down singing for about 20 minutes before this conversation occurred! 

Ellie: Mommy I need Mommy
Me: Yes Ellie
Ellie: I hurt
Me: What hurts...your teeth, your ears, etc
Ellie: How about some bitamins (vitamins)?
Me: No you don't need any vitamins.  You can have some in the morning.
Ellie: But I hurt.
Me: Ok Ellie I'm sorry you hurt but vitamins are for in the morning.
Ellie: Then how about some teeth medicines?

The crazy girl would do ANYTHING to stay awake last night.  Now her teeth have been bothering her she is getting her two year molars BUT she already had 'teeth medicine' last night.

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