Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Remember

On 9-11 I was a junior in college living in an apartment with three of my girlfriends.  My friend Casey sent me an email today.

"11 years ago we lined up to get gas...for what reason...we had no idea but everyone else was.  then we went to give blood, but yours was tainted! haha.  i remember thinking we were so old and mature for whatever reason, but looking back, we had NO IDEA!!!"

I think we lined up to get gas because all the gas stations were closing down. My blood was 'tainted' because my iron was low and I wasn't allowed to donate that day.  How true is her statement that at 20 years old we truly had NO IDEA how this would change America.

While in line to donate blood we discussed the events with a younger sorority sister.  We didn't know her too well but we learned that her mom was a flight attendant to American it took them awhile to learn but they eventually heard that she was safe with her flight crew in London.

Isn't it crazy that when events like this happen you ALWAYS remember exactly what you were doing at that moment?!?  I can say the same for the Oklahoma City bombing that happened when I was in 8th grade.  


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  1. We all need to remember!!! Thanks for doing the post. Charlene