Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We are all home and adjusting well....even our sweet Carson is home! Surprisingly he really isn't too interested in little miss he just leaves her alone and has been minding very well. It's pretty funny every time I put her down during the day he gets in his kennel and waits for me to shut the door. Someone must've told him to nap when the baby naps too! Steven went back to work today which was definitely strange after him being off for such a long time! My mom has taken the week off to spend time with us. We are SO thankful for lots of vacation time and both having a flexible boss!

Ellie is doing well she went to the pediatrician last Friday and weighed in at 6lbs 2oz. When she was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday she weighed 5lbs 14oz so a nice little gain. The pediatrician felt like everything checked out just great. When we were discharged the neonatologist had Ellie on 2 feedings of high calorie formula (Neosure). She would eat it but you could tell she wasn't too much of a fan! We talked to our pediatrician and since she was eating larger portions of breast milk and much smaller portions of the Neosure he felt that she wasn't really getting too much of a benefit from it so we got permission to stop! THANKFULLY....it was high in Iron and was not the best smelling stuff and you can only imagine what it did to her little tummy! We will have one more check this coming up Friday and then she won't go back until her 2 month check up! I also can't recommend our pediatrician highly enough as I know a few of you are expecting feel free to email me for his information!

We have lots of pictures to share but these are just a few that the sweet Melissa Wood took for at the hospital! Melissa LOVES newborn photography and sweet hospital sessions! She had offered to be there for Ellie's birth. Well seeing as how things happened so fast that just wasn't possible!!! So we waited until she was off all the 'equipment' in NICU and got their permission for Melissa to come up! However, by the time all of it was squared away and scheduled Ellie was released to room in with us!!!!! Here are just a few sneak peek pictures we can't wait to see the rest...THANK YOU Melissa for capturing these sweet moments! Melissa also took my maternity photos....I would share but I don't think anyone is interested in my bare belly

Of course we have ton more pictures to share but we will save those for another posts!! Speaking of pictures if anyone needs family photos, senior photos, anything I can't recommend these three people highly enough!!!
Our sweet friend Dia did our engagement pictures, my bridal portraits and our wedding!!! Maybe I should post some finally! She is adopting a sweet little girl set to arrive May 24th! I can't wait for sweet Ellie and Makenna to grow up together....book now before she gets busy. You can contact her through her blog and she will send you samples of her work:).
As I've said Melissa did my maternity and hospital photos. We took maternity pictures at Kaisers Ice Cream downtown and they were so much fun!!
We had newborn pictures taken by Trish at Sweetberry Photography! She is amazing to work with as well! We also have scheduled a watch me grow package with Trish which you can read more about on her website! We can't wait to take them!
Yes I know I think we will have plenty of pictures :) But I wanted to put the information out there for anyone who might be looking for a photographer for something!

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  1. Jamie- I am so glad to hear things are going so well! Ellie is so stinkin cute!!! More pics please! And yes if you think about it send me your pediatrician name!