Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Friends!

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to meet one of my blogger friends in real life! All though we have SO many acquaintances and were at OU at the same time there is a chance our paths have crossed prior to last Thursday! I don't quite remember how we found each others blogs but everyone should check out Nicole's wonderful blog HERE!

I joined Nicole at Junior Hospitality end of the year and 75th anniversary celebration! If you've never heard about Junior Hospitality you should check out their website and their blog (that of course Nicole blogs on:)). I was so honored to be Nicole's guest and learn about this amazing organization as well as meet a great group of women!!

I would be honored to one day consider myself a member of JH and everyone should definitely check out the amazing things they are doing in our community!!! Also, check out Nicole's blog and the great award she won at the banquet! It was great to finally meet her and I can see Nicole and I becoming great friends.

On another note our sweet little angel was 8 weeks old today and she is growing like crazy!! On Monday she has her 2 month well baby check and will also be getting her 2 month shots :(. Tomorrow our sweet friend Becky is having her baby at Deaconess so Thursday we plan to make a visit to her and the sweet nurses that were so good to us in the NICU!

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  1. OH YAY! What a nice post, and I too see up become great friends! So glad you are thinking about joining JH!