Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baby Chicks

Ellie has been waiting quite some time for the baby chicks to arrive at Papa and Grammy's house. 

She knew how many were coming and what day they were originally scheduled to arrive....that day past and we were still waiting.  FINALLY they arrived yesterday!  She was so excited!!  We braved the cold and sleet to go out and see them. 

They are currently living in the garage under a heat lamp but when they get bigger will move to their fancy new check house complete with nests from my great grandma's chicken house!  We are so excited to watch them grow!

So excited to see them!

Ready to give them some 'bird seed'
So soft

Ready to eat chickies!

Making sure they all arrived

This guy was sleepy!


Learning how to hold them!

Still need a little help with 'being easy'

This one was the sleepiest!

Lovin on a baby with Grammy!

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