Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Steven here...
Daddy, Momma, and Baby Ellie
3 Generations
Grandma Janice, Momma, Baby Ellie
A sleepy Baby Ellie and Grandma Janice
Giddy and Baby Ellie

Grandma Janice, Papa Howard, and Baby Ellie
Well, it happened. BIG hurdle cleared today!!! Ellie's ET tube came out around 10:30am. HUGE RELIEF!!! Thanks be to God!!! Making it even better, she has not regressed (as I write). Praise be to God!!!
What this meant, you see above...we got to hold our baby girl for the first time (for most) and again for me (I got to hold her right after she was born and for about 10 minutes last Wednesday). How this all transpired is worth noting.
This morning, I slumbered awake late after a LATE night (it was even later for Jamie). As I pried one eye open, I realized that playing possum was a must. Jamie and the lactation specialist had no idea I had awoken and the last thing I wanted to do was make the situation weird. So I lay there, trying my hardest to look asleep and keep from "going postal" as the President gave undeserved accolades to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and a host of other baffoons (but I digress).
Then it happened, my iPhone rang. Fortunately the lactation specialist had departed and it was just Jamie and I in the room. Now it turned from awkward to Mission Impossible...get Janice's purse to her without Jamie (a) knowing or (b) asking what I am doing or (c) asking why I am doing it. Needless to say, I failed...sort of.
I told her to pretend she didn't know, that her mom wanted her purse and I had no idea why. I took Janice her purse (in the hall)...she was headed to her car to get Ellie's clothes; it was then that I knew...her ET tube had been taken out!!!
Upon reentering the room, Jamie began with her customary interrogation. I said the first thing that came to mind, which in hindsight sounds far worse than at the moment; "I don't know, she wanted her purse; I don't understand Elliott women...I just follow my instructions." I meant it with love and a grin; most of all, it worked...Jamie was still "in the dark" about the tube, it was still a surprise.
So Janice and I met up in the NICU and Ellie's nurse, Marissa, handed her right to me. I grinned a larger smile than I knew I had in me and held on tight!!! After about 15-20 minutes, Jamie came in. She saw me holding Ellie, knew something was up, but hadn't quite processed it all. Then it hit her; and her electric smile lit up the room!!!
After about 10 minutes, Janice reminded me to share (which I was about to do), so it was off to Momma's arms. Jamie = not so good at sharing...but, I suppose that's ok; afterall, she carried her, suffered through 5 bladder infections, 4 months of "morning" (translated ALL DAY) sickness slowed only by Pfinergrin (sp??), untold bouts of heartburn, trips to the bathroom, etc.
This also gave me a second to send out notice to a few, if not the email list; that detail escapes me now 12 hours later.
By 1:00, Jamie, Janice, and I had all taken at least one turn holding Ellie. That's when my dad (Giddy - pronounced Ju-id-dee - Arabic for Grandfather) arrived. He sent a proufoundly humble and excited email reply to my announcement that it was time to hold her. He simply replied "[m]ight her Giddy get some time today?" By 12:45 I texted him "Skip lunch!!! Come up here!!!" He laughed, giggled, held her, and got his index finger gripped with all Ellie had. He, like the rest of us, got a particularly good giggle out of Ellie's sneezing. For being a pint sized little girl, she's got a FEROCIOUS sneeze!!!!
My mom (Sitty - pronounced Sit-tee - Arabic for Grandmother) came up. She's not pictured because she had a coughing attack just as I was about to take pictures of her holding Ellie. Too bad for mom...her mug isn't on the internet...yet! Around the same time, Janice's mom, Great Grandma Nita, was here and stepped in for a peek at our pretty little girl. She was the only one today who showed any self restraint and said she would hold her a little later not wanting to pull on a wire and set off an alarm. She's right when she says there will be plenty of time to hold Ellie.
Against our wishes, we let our better judgment prevail and gave Ellie a break until Papa Howard made it to Deaconess from working at a car lot on the southside. He initially acted a little hesitant about holding Ellie; but we all saw right through it! That's been the singularly most present thought in his mind since September when we told them Jamie was pregnant. Honestly, he loves that little girl so much and has longed for her so long, I'm almost surprised we got her back! This little girl sure is loved!!!
It was a long day for her, but she soldiered right through it. She has a nasal cannula to boost her blood oxygen levels, but that is just fine by us. It won't be long before all of that is gone!
This evening, Jamie's best friend Casey and her mother Shannon (Grammy Shannon) came by to peek in on our little princess; they were also here just after her birth 1 week ago today. They are both salt of the earth people; words cannot express how much we love them and look forward to Casey's boys (McClain and Max) and Ellie playing together!
Just before Casey and Grammy Shannon (on a random note, Ellie is going to be SOOOOO confused as we have some many people close to us who are de facto Grandma/Grandpa or Auntie/Uncle) left, my cousin Sean arrived. We all chatted in the room. Just before 8:00, Sean said he was going to leave. It took 1 little try to get him to come see Ellie.
He is smitten. You see, Sean lived with us for a couple of months while he was house hunting and Jamie was pregnant. So, in a lot of ways, "Uncle" Sean went through this whole pregnancy with us. He has probably learned a whole lot more than most single guys ever think about knowing about pregnancy. He's just smitten with Ellie...and has promised to behave (as much as he can) when it comes to teaching her that filthy saying "Go Pokes!" It's okay though, we'll let her root for oSu...only for Sean (and his older brother whom I once lived with Chris (Critter - the nickname I gave him when I, apparently, couldn't say Christopher)) and only with the express understanding that she is a winner, she is Sooner Born and Sooner Bread, and when she dies, she'll be Sooner dead.
Well, this novel of a post has come to an end...I'm off to NICU to hold my little girl one more time before bed!
Goodnight and God Bless.
P.S. - while praying for Ellie and us tonight, please say a prayer for Chad, Caredy, and their son Noah. He's got a bugger of an ear infection and a nasty cold. Also, for Brandy, Scott, Cheyenne, and their twin babies Cam and Sophie who are battling croup and ear infections.


  1. So wonderful. I can imagine that Ellie is so happy to have her family FINALLY be able to hold & cuddle her. We're so happy for you all! Love you!

  2. YAY YAY YAY!!! Post more pics and give that sweet wife a hug...and you crack me up!!! Jaimie is going to die when she reads all the things you have posted!!

  3. I must say that you are a writer by heart! Jamie trained you well to not skip a thing and give all the details! I am still working on my husband to get there! Anywho....so, so, so HAPPY that you all got to have time with Ellie and enjoy cuddling with her! Nothing is bette than cuddling with your baby...their soft skin, little fingers...I could go on for hours! GOD IS GREAT! What a blessing!

  4. Sweet precious thing! I'm so happy to read such good news! Steven, you might need to be a co-blogger! Thanks for the updates and thank the Lord for strong parents!