Friday, March 19, 2010

***UPDATE 2:30PM March 19, 2010***

Praise report!!!

PICC line insertion went smoothly!!!! Dr. Tolentino believes it is in a good location and no issues face us. Reconfirmed the collapsed lung is no longer collapsed and looks to be in good shape!

Ellie's O2 is still somewhere between 28-30% and the breaths per minute has been dialed down from 40 to 35.

Another blessing sent our way; thanks be to God!!!


  1. Oh thank the good Lord! I'm so glad things seem to be looking up and I'm so thankful that they're letting you stay at the hospital. So wonderful! I can't wait until I can see you guys again & get to hold that sweet little girl. xoxo!!!

  2. She is a tough little cookie!