Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Snow and Scare

Steven here...

Well...the morning started out just like the weather man here in OKC. It looked like it was going to be something of a bad news day (or a giant winter storm that was going to cripple the city and state causing the Lt. Gov. to declare a state of emergency in advance).

Then the Dr. came in, had another chest xray done, took a good look, etc. (decided to sniff the dirt like Bill Paxton in Twister or Gary England in the "olden days" as opposed to rely on computer models). What he found brought relief and smiles to my, Jamie, and Janice's face...he ventilator tube had worked its way down too far and was giving Miss Ellie some fits (or a little dusting of snow in lieu of 14"). I'm sure part of this is because clearly has a fun time sucking on the tubes. Maybe that's a bad thing - I don't know as I wasn't smart enough for med school (like my cousin JK and his fiance Katie (who is about to start PA school), or even his sister Regina who is a labor and delivery RN) - BUT this father chooses to believe that it is a good sign, an indication that she knows that when something is in her mouth it is there to suck on and maybe learning to eat won't be so tough. But, we'll figure that out when we get there.

So, bad news, like the crippling snow storm, has been averted for now. It was actually a nothing. That said, I'll take the prediction of 14" of crippling snow and shutting the city down for a week (or whatever) over the fear and anxiety of the human mind leading us to think there was a setback in store today. Maybe there will be, I don't know; but I'm going to stay positive. Afterall, this little girl is feisty!!! She was reaching up trying to help the Dr. move/adjust the vent tube!

It'll be another good day...God's too good to us all to not be!


  1. Good luck when the day comes you ask her to give up her binky!

  2. I just discovered today that you guys have been posting on your blog. I was so excited to open your blog and actually see baby Ellie posts. Wow, what a week you guys have had. Jamie, I hope you are feeling good and getting plenty of rest. You will need it for when that little angel comes home. I have and will continue to pray for all of you. I hope my NICU friends have been good to you. If you have Sarah or Marissa as your nurse, tell her I said hello and that we are friends. They are great. Ellie is adorable and she sounds like she is a fighter. Congratulations to you both. Love you Jamie Lee!